Thursday, August 2, 2012

When a problem comes along you must wipe it.

Homemade baby wipes!

Unlike my laundry soap which I make because I am cheap .. I make these wipes because they are better for M2's bottom! M2 is almost 5 months old and has never had a single diaper rash! They are crazy fast to make, super cheap and keep her bum clean with no irritation. There are lots of wipe recipes out there using everything from baby wash to oil to rubbing alcohol and essential oils! When it comes to bottoms, less is better! I only use baby wash in my wipes, they do the job perfect, smell just fine and never mold in the container. (some people complain their wipes mold, mine don't, but we use the within a week, they don't sit around for a long time)

You need:
Paper towels (I like scott select a size, the ones in the picture are viva which I scored crazy cheap with coupons)

A knife to cut the wipes in half

Baby Wash, nothing fancy Johnson's head to toe wash is perfect

2 cups of water (2 cups works for this size roll, if you used a larger or smaller roll of paper towels you might need to adjust the water)

Container (I got this one from a friend and its a few years old. I did not find this exact one in stores, but ones very similar. This one is meant to hold a 5lb bag of sugar or flour. The containers are around 5 bucks)

Cut your roll of paper towels in half. Add 4 pumps of soap to 2 cups of water, 4 pumps is about 2 table spoons I guess. Gently stir, you don't need bubbles. Place the paper towels in the container, just for kicks I put them in cut side down. Dump the water into the container! I aim for the center of the tube, but I also make sure to dump water around the top of the wipes. Let it sit for about 5 mins, all the water should be absorbed into the wipes.

After about 5 mins wiggle the cardboard and see if it slides out. If it wont budge wait a few more mins. Once it slips out the wipes are done! Start your roll from the MIDDLE, where you took the tube out. Snap on the lid and you are good to go!

I keep store bought wipes in the diaper bag, they travel better then these do, plus the wipes in the diaper bag get used less often, store bought wipes stay wetter longer.

As far as cost; I scored these paper towels on sale with coupons and they ended up being .30 cents a roll. Water is free, the soap, well it was free with coupons too but since you only use a tiny bit of soap that wont add much to the cost of wipes. These were basically .15 a container! I don't know how many wipes there are on each roll but I am sure its more then 64 (which is how many are in a box of Pampers or Huggies) Speaking of Pampers and Huggies, both are around 2.99 a box here not on sale, which is .04 cents a wipe. Even if there were only 15 wipes on each roll of my homemade wipes that would still only be .01 cent each ... so these are a KILLER deal!

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