Monday, July 29, 2013

PVC Pipe chairs in 3 sizes!

I have been hunting yard sales all summer for folding camping chairs for my kids .. so far nothing. 

I looked at buying them .. but even at just $10.00 bucks a pop I thought maybe I could do better. 

I happened to see a pin recently of a lawn chair made from PVC pipe .. too bad the picture did not go anywhere! (anyone else hate that?!?!)

Thankfully the picture was labeled enough I could make one .. which turned out to be super small.   So I adjusted the sizes to make it larger .. and even larger still!

These chairs are super easy to make and pretty cheap too.

Small Chair: Perfect for a 1-2  year old

1 - 10' piece of 3/4 PVC $1.98
8 -  90 degree elbows $.46 each
6 -  T joints $.46 each
= $8.42

Cut List:
7 - 10" (A)
4 - 5" (B)
4 - 4" (C)
2 - 6" (D)

Medium Chair: Perfect for a 3-4 year old

2 - 10" piece of 3/4 PVC $3.96 (you will have left over)
8 -  90 degree elbows $.46 each
6 -  T joints $.46 each
= $10.40

Cut List:
7 - 13" (A)
4 - 8" (B)
4 - 5" (C)
2 - 7" (D)

Large Chair: Perfect for a 5-6 year old

2 - 10" piece of 3/4 PVC $3.96 (you will have left over) ((If you make the medium chair and large chair you will just need 3 pieces as your extra from each chair are used on the other one)
8 -  90 degree elbows $.46 each
6 -  T joints $.46 each
= $10.40

Cut List:
7 - 16" (A)
4 - 10" (B)
4 - 5" (C)
2 - 9" (D)

each chair also used about 1/4 yard of fabric, all from my stash and 1 can of paint, 4 bucks each at Lowe's.

Assembly - well I could not figure out a way to label a pictures in such a way you could understand it .. but really these chairs are not hard!

A is the bottom 2 pieces, 2 arm rests, 2 that form the seat and 1 for the head rest. 
B is the 4 pieces leading up to the "seat", these determine how high off the ground the child sits. 
C is the 4 pieces from the seat to the top of the arm rest, these determine how high the arm rests are.
D is the 2 pieces that make the head rest, these determine how tall the back of the chair is.

Clear as mud??  

After you make the chair .. just measure the width of the "seat" and from the head rest to the seat bottom with some slack.  You just need a panel that is sewn on all 4 sides with 2 pockets to slide the pipe through.

If you want to,  you can spray paint them!  I would do it together as painting them makes them just thick enough they are hard to put together again!  And you don't need to paint the two bars covered in fabric. 

Stick the fabric on and there ya go!

In case you are wondering about the sizes .. I was able to get all 3 kids sitting all at once .. for about 2 nano seconds .. and no, they are not all smiling. 

My daughter on the left is 3
My son in the middle is 5
And my daughter on the right just turned a year.  

And as an added bonus .. they stack! 

If you were planing on taking these camping  .. you could take them all apart and wrap all the pipes in the cover and they would be as small, if not smaller then ugly camping chairs! 

My chairs were featured on  photo grabbutton2_zps7d635a69.png Photobucket

Friday, July 26, 2013

Improved! Car Wash Sprinkler for kids!

I have seen several of these "drive through car wash" style sprinklers this year.  The base is always the same .. some PVC some holes some water and FUN!

Mine started pretty much the same way!  Never-mind the extra pieces .. there is a 2nd project coming soon!  To build mine you will need:
7 10" PVC pipes $1.94 each
4 elbows $.46 each 
5 T's $.46 each
4 3-way 90 degree elbows $1.60 each
1 pipe to hose piece thingy .. no name something or other. $.38 each

I found all my stuff at Lowe's and I used 3/4 inch PVC and connectors.

Total cost $24.99 so far

You will also need a pipe cutter .. we already had one but they are about 10 bucks to buy.  Or you could use a hand saw .. but it takes foreveh! 

Cut 6 pieces that are 5 feet tall
Cut 10 that are 40" long

After that its pretty simple .. the car wash is 5 feet tall by 40" wide.  the side panels are 40" on each side with a 5 foot in the middle for support.  There is not a 40" across the middle nor is there a 40" along the ground in the front or back.

Pick the spot where you want your hose to connect.  

Eyeball it and just cut an inch or 2 out of your 40" piece and save it.

Add in your extra T and then the extra inch piece and then your hose connector thingy .. 

Now, at this point make sure all 5 of your children (collect some neighborhood kids if you need extras) are standing behind you .. swim suits on .. waiting for you to finish .. after all you are just "5 minutes away from being done kids .. get ready!" 

Now connect your hose!


Do you spot the problem??  Apparently I failed anatomy in nursing school because I bought a male PVC end thinking it would fit into my male hose. 

This is the part where I have to tell all my kids that mommy forgot a part and needed to run to Lowe's and that sprinkler time would have to wait .. causing a pretty major melt down .. oh well.

Here are both pieces back to back .. the left is the female end and the right is the male .. do you get why??  Please don't make me draw you a picture!

There .. that's better!  You are now ready for your hose!

I drilled holes every so often to allow water to pour in.

Nothing left but to turn on the water and let her rip!  Ok kids .. have fun!

"MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM ... your sprinkler looks like its peeing!"

That's when I thought back to my days living in Phoenix.  Growing up we had a mister system in our back yard .. it gently misted water down on us .. lowering the temperature a good 20 degrees!  It took some calling around but I found misters at a Lowes about 20 minutes away and headed out!

They come in different spray heads, like 90 degree or 180 degree or full 180 degree, they run 3-10 bucks a pack for 12 of them.  I picked up 2 different styles for another 8 bucks. 

See the water now?  You almost can't!  Because its a super fine mist that totally gets the whole inside of the "rectangle" wet .. it may not look like it but the kids ended up soaked once inside! 

In the end it took me several hours and 2 trips to Lowe's .. and a total of $33.00 bucks.

Totally worth it for hours of fun in the hot sun!

I am thinking of gluing it together .. maybe adding some "shammy" wipers and sponges .. painting it .. who knows!  For now the kids love it just as is :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

My 1 year blogiversary actually came and passed!  Last week!  

I totally missed it!

Its never to late to party!

To celebrate I am giving away a $25.00 gift card to Target!

Good Luck!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover - my plans!

It was said once in our Young Married Ministry at Church "your wife should love your bedroom, it should be beautiful and decorated the way she likes it .. that way she wants to spend lots of time in there!" 

Well stated Travis. 

Allow me to show you my bedroom.

Yeah NO.  

This room is NONE of the above.  In fact its like an anti-bedroom .. I avoid it!

My husband and I have slept in each of the bedrooms in our house trying to find an arrangement that worked for our family.  In the end we settled in this room. Brief side note: we live in a 3/4 bedroom house with 5 kids.  Right now we have this room (2nd largest), our son has the other bedroom on the first floor (2nd smallest).  All 4 girls share the "master" bedroom upstairs and the smallest "4th" bedroom is a family dressing room for all the girls and all their clothes. 

Years ago this room belonged to our 2 oldest .. which is why the walls are "Pond Water" teal. 

But .. we have been sleeping in here for a good 4 years now and have not done a single thing to it!

- Paint the walls!  I am thinking a soft green/gray color
- Paint the trim white (all the trim in the house is "almond") 
- Window treatments
- Um .. Bedding! 
- Something on the walls!
- A headboard
- New Dresser
- Small sitting area?  1 chair and small table??
- Accessories!
- New lamp shades
- Paint the night stands

Here is what I am thinking!

I LOVE this frame wall!  I have already started collecting! 
And I might just put it over my dresser like this too!

A canopy over our bed?  Yes! 

The purple bed set is Anthropology at almost 300 bucks! 

This is an Anthropology knock off that I hope to tackle! In all white even!

A soft green/gray paint, this is Rain Tree by Benjamin Moore

I want a dark walnut stained headboard .. maybe from pallets?  I have some already!

I already have a dresser .. but I want to stand it and paint it two toned like this!  White paint and a dark walnut stain to match the headboard!  I will paint the night stands white since they are not real wood. 

I cant wait to start!

And my budget?  Well I had these two HUGE dressers in our room that were given to me years ago before I was even married .. but they were just to big for our room and half empty.  So I sold them on Craigs List for $200 bucks!

I am hoping to pull off the WHOLE room make over .. floor to ceiling for just $200 bucks!

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to clean your Crock Pot

I love my crock pot!  It gets used at least weekly in my house!  Just this week I made 3 crock pot meals because it was 90+ degrees here and just to hot to run my oven!  Our last meal this week, Crock Pot Bacon Ranch Chicken (amazing by the way!) Left burnt sauce in my crock.  My sweet 12 year old who is in charge of dishes used a spoon to scrap out the burnt stuff .. leaving silver scratch marks all over.  The inside of the crock pot was pretty dirty as well .. I am pretty sure this is burnt pulled pork from last summer ... don't judge. The problem was the stuff inside the crock pot was hard as a rock and the stuff in the crock had already gone through the dish washer and had not come off. 

I sprayed some oven cleaner into my crock pot, Easy Off Fume Free (but I still opened a window) and just let it sit. 

For the crock I went with my old stand by Bar Keepers Friend!  The same stuff used to clean my kitchen sink and even my daughters shoes!  See the burnt food and scratch marks? 

You need to wet the surface you want to clean and then sprinkle on the BKF. 

I also like to sprinkle it on my scrubber .. you want a "paste"

It took no elbow grease and about 5 minutes to scrub it clean!  Tada! 

Mean while .. the crock pot has been sitting now for 5 minutes with oven cleaner on it.

Again, no elbow grease and about 5 minutes and all the gunk just wiped off! 

Gave it a good rinse inside and out and tada!

Here, some side by side action of the before and after! 

Please don't panic about my miss-matched crock and pot .. we support interracial relationships :)  The truth is I am rather hard on crock pots .. I broke the "crock" on my black one and the "pot" on my white one and thanks to my sweet husbands hording tendencies .. I ended up with a new crock pot :) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Easiest Pillows Ever! - Basement progress!

As you know our basement flooded .. after we completed the demo it was clear we had no idea how to put it back together!  I had planned on blogged about how to put in a sump pump .. but we hired someone.  Then I was going to blog about how to hang drywall, but we hired someone. Hanging new doors?  Yep, hired someone.  New carpet .. hired someone. 

I will admit that we painted it ourselves though!!

There are times in life when you have to weigh your options .. AND your level of experience and make a choice to DIY or DI-dont!  

I am not ready to show you the finished basement .. because its not finished!  It is usable .. but there is still a lot to be done!

I did want to show you today how I sew the easiest pillows in the world! Start with pillow "forms" from the craft store .. or find yourself some UGLY thrift store pillows for dirt cheap! Like a buck a piece!  The striped fabric is a yard sale shower curtain for just 2 bucks, the rest was clearance fabric from Joanns the other day and I paid a 2 bucks a yard for 3 different ones. 

When I buy thrift store pillows (never for my bed, just throw pillows) I make sure to buy ones with a lining in them.  You can check by pinching the outer fabric and feeling under it to see if there is a second layer and not just fluff.  I also stuck all 5 pillows in my deep freezer for 3 days to kill anything living .. it works, I swear! 

Here you can see my 5 stripped pillows and my pile of ugly covers!  I was surprised to fine the lining on one orange .. good thing my fabric was thick and you can see the orange!

Ok, easiest pillows ever!  I laid the pillow on top of my fabric and eye balled it (yep, no measuring!) about an inch outside the top and bottom my pillow.  Then I wrapped the fabric around my pillow tightly and cut it about 5 inches larger on the 2 sides.  You end up with a large rectangle that fits the top and bottom and wraps around the pillow with room to spare.   You then hem to two short sides of the rectangle.

Then turn it right sides in and over lap the two ends to the size of your pillow, they should cross each other with a few inches of overlap.  Then just sew the open sides together!  You will only dew 2 sides of the pillow, the other 2 sides are folds!  Once you are down turn it right sides out and push out your corners and iron flat!  You just made a pocket pillow!

See the pocket?  Then you stuff one side in. 

 Then you reach in and pull the inner pocket out and tuck the pillow into the 2nd half of the cover. 

This is the top of my finished pillow! 

This is the underside.  These cases are washable!  Require no zipper!  And take about 5 minutes each!  

My children styled our new couch first!  Notice the 4 remotes, lots of toys and some clean laundry??

Then it was my turn!  My new couch with 5 awesome new pillows!!  I think the couch needs more pillows!  I will have to keep checking goodwill! 

It cost me around $10 bucks for these 5 pillows and I have fabric to spare!  

I only have glass block windows in the basement so no curtains are needed .. so the couch is one of the only ways to bring in color!  

I cant wait to finish the whole basement!  Enjoy your sneak peak!! 

Update: My pillows were featured on We like to learn as we go AND Live Laugh Rowe Check it out!