Friday, September 6, 2013

Why every mother needs MOPS

Dont skip over this post, its not about housework!

I love MOPS, so much in fact that I run our local group!

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, but its sort of a misnomer.  Open to any woman, pregnant or adopting, all the way through until her youngest finishes kindergarten! 

The mission of MOPS across the country is to encourage, equip, and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother, and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. We do this by meeting moms “where they are” in their stage of mothering and in their spiritual walk. MOPS exists as a ministry that supports and encourages the moms right in our own church family to help them become who God designed them to be as women, moms, and wives. We also exist as a ministry to reach out to moms who may not have a relationship with Jesus, providing a group they can come to for support and encouragement in an environment that fosters growth and spiritual development.

Sounds pretty fabulous right??  I know!

Each year MOPS International develops a theme to help with building and planning for the MOPS year. This years MOPS theme is A Beautiful Mess, Embrace Your Story. The theme verse is Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Our leadership team gathered together to brainstorm for the year and come up with some awesome table center pieces and I wanted to share with you what we created!

We always strive to have our center pieces be calm and relaxing .. our homes are messy and colorful enough!  While browsing Pinterest we stumbled upon these beauties!

We just knew they would be perfect for our "Embrace Your Store" theme!  

Last night the 7 of us gathered to paint, glue, create, chit chat and bond .. for 4 hours!

And these are what we created!

We followed her instructions for the bases but used yard sale picture frames for the tops.  Each one is different!  We left them empty, sort of a "your story is still being written" sort of thing. Since they looked "antique" ish .. we tried our hands at making quill pens!  These are store bought goose feathers, which just so happen to be hollow on the ends.  we just stripped the ink and roller ball tip from some pans and shoved them inside the feathers!  A dab of glue and they look fabulous!  

Another mom on the leadership team just happened to have a collection of vintage hard back Grace Livingston Hill books that look amazing stacked under our empty frames. 

We had so many frames left over that we are hanging them around our MOPS room with lace bows.  

I will post more pictures after our first meeting next week!  And watch for lots of MOPS stuff to come, we have 18 awesome meetings to get through between now and May!

If you are not part of a MOPS group, you should be!  Please visit to learn more about MOPS and find a local group in your area, you wont be sorry!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Simply gorgeous kitchen table make-over!

Shes done .. shes gorgeous  ... shes everything I hoped she would be and then some! 

Lets refresh our memory of what she looked like when she came to live with me shall we?

Yuck!  No wonder she was just $25.00!

I sanded the top.

Then stained it a rich dark walnut.

Painted all the wood a nice bright shiny white.

Then I recovered the chairs in this beautiful outdoor fabric!  No pictures .. whoops!   I choose outdoor fabric because its sort of shiny and wipe-able, great for a kitchen!

And here she is!

Price breakdown - 
$25 for the table, benches and chairs at a yard sale
$18 for fabric
$16 stain and polyurethane
$70 primer, new paint brushes, spray paint
$0 white glossy paint, already owned
= $129

Other then the table and fabric .. I can use all the supplies over again on other projects .. but I figured the cost into this project.  The purdy paint brushes were not cheap .. but they are pretty amazing.

I wanted to sell the table ... because really I cant use it, its to small.  But since I loved it soooooooo much I planned on pricing it high .. so maybe it would not sell and maybe I could make room for it in my house! I listed it for $300 on Craigs List Buffalo.  And my girlfriend called me right away and said .. WAY under priced!  She insisted I raise the price to at least $500!  People can always offer less, and since I was not desperate for the money I could sit on it a while (no pun intended!).  She had some good points.  So I edited my listing to say $500. And it sold, that day, for $500 bucks. Maybe I should offer her a finders fee??

$500 selling price
-$129 in supplies
= $371 profit

Are you kidding me?!?!  I am super excited to be sticking that money right back into my "house fun money" Dave Ramsey envelope!  Maybe I will pick up these gorgeous broken glass looking lamps from Target I have been eyeballing for weeks for our bedroom makeover!

My table was featured at The Dedicated House and Crafts a la mode!