Friday, July 26, 2013

Improved! Car Wash Sprinkler for kids!

I have seen several of these "drive through car wash" style sprinklers this year.  The base is always the same .. some PVC some holes some water and FUN!

Mine started pretty much the same way!  Never-mind the extra pieces .. there is a 2nd project coming soon!  To build mine you will need:
7 10" PVC pipes $1.94 each
4 elbows $.46 each 
5 T's $.46 each
4 3-way 90 degree elbows $1.60 each
1 pipe to hose piece thingy .. no name something or other. $.38 each

I found all my stuff at Lowe's and I used 3/4 inch PVC and connectors.

Total cost $24.99 so far

You will also need a pipe cutter .. we already had one but they are about 10 bucks to buy.  Or you could use a hand saw .. but it takes foreveh! 

Cut 6 pieces that are 5 feet tall
Cut 10 that are 40" long

After that its pretty simple .. the car wash is 5 feet tall by 40" wide.  the side panels are 40" on each side with a 5 foot in the middle for support.  There is not a 40" across the middle nor is there a 40" along the ground in the front or back.

Pick the spot where you want your hose to connect.  

Eyeball it and just cut an inch or 2 out of your 40" piece and save it.

Add in your extra T and then the extra inch piece and then your hose connector thingy .. 

Now, at this point make sure all 5 of your children (collect some neighborhood kids if you need extras) are standing behind you .. swim suits on .. waiting for you to finish .. after all you are just "5 minutes away from being done kids .. get ready!" 

Now connect your hose!


Do you spot the problem??  Apparently I failed anatomy in nursing school because I bought a male PVC end thinking it would fit into my male hose. 

This is the part where I have to tell all my kids that mommy forgot a part and needed to run to Lowe's and that sprinkler time would have to wait .. causing a pretty major melt down .. oh well.

Here are both pieces back to back .. the left is the female end and the right is the male .. do you get why??  Please don't make me draw you a picture!

There .. that's better!  You are now ready for your hose!

I drilled holes every so often to allow water to pour in.

Nothing left but to turn on the water and let her rip!  Ok kids .. have fun!

"MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM ... your sprinkler looks like its peeing!"

That's when I thought back to my days living in Phoenix.  Growing up we had a mister system in our back yard .. it gently misted water down on us .. lowering the temperature a good 20 degrees!  It took some calling around but I found misters at a Lowes about 20 minutes away and headed out!

They come in different spray heads, like 90 degree or 180 degree or full 180 degree, they run 3-10 bucks a pack for 12 of them.  I picked up 2 different styles for another 8 bucks. 

See the water now?  You almost can't!  Because its a super fine mist that totally gets the whole inside of the "rectangle" wet .. it may not look like it but the kids ended up soaked once inside! 

In the end it took me several hours and 2 trips to Lowe's .. and a total of $33.00 bucks.

Totally worth it for hours of fun in the hot sun!

I am thinking of gluing it together .. maybe adding some "shammy" wipers and sponges .. painting it .. who knows!  For now the kids love it just as is :)


  1. I so want to make this!!!! Thanks. I bookmarked it so I can.

  2. I never knew how these were put together when I've seen them on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Looks like something my daughter would love. Found your link near mine at the DIY Dreamer party. :)

    1. Wow .. I read your blog all the time! I am so tickled that you stopped by mine! Thank you!!

  3. What an awesome project! Why did no one make this for me when I was a kid?

  4. So very cool. We went to an outdoor festival that had a huge one this last weekend and my son loooooved it. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Also the picture of the kids all lined up made me laugh.

  5. This looks like so much fun and it is really, really hot around here, so this would be fabulous. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. I really wanted to do this this summer, but it is flying by. I think I'll pin your version for next year. Great improvements!

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  9. I cant find the sprayer nozzzles any where what department did you find them in

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