Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easy Freezer Cooking - Minestrone Soup

It really takes no more effort to make 2 of the same meal as it does to make just 1, so quite often I do just that!

We are having Minestrone Soup for dinner tonight, mainly because I still have a ton of zucchini to use up! This soup is also full of summer veggies that are all in season right now. It also freezes very well!

Typically I will make a HUGE batch of soup and freeze half already cooked .. but I am trying something different tonight.

I set out my soup pot and one of my large 12 cup freezer bowls.

I use this recipe for my soup, leaving out the green beans, no one in my family eats them!

I also dont take them time to pre-cook the carrots, I just shred them along with the zucchini and celery, so they all cook evenly.

Each time I dumped something into the soup pot, I also dumped it into my freezer bowl!! I dont use chicken broth, I use water and bullion cubes (its cheaper!) Everything for a batch of this soup fit in my freezer bowl, minus the water! I always leave the pasta out when I freeze soup.. it absorbs all the water when you freeze pasta and ends up mushy.

So now in January when we are buried under 15 feet of snow .. I can thaw this soup on the counter all day, add water, simmer for a while and add the pasta for a super fresh summer soup!

This recipe is pretty easy as it is, but it only took me about 10 minutes to put together both pots! Not to shabby.


  1. I'm assuming the pasta is precooked? Steve would love this :-) I'm not a soup person so I rarely think to make it

    1. I dont pre-cook my pasta.. nope. I just warm up the soup and add it at the end like I would typically do. But precooking is a great idea Jen!

    2. i guess pasta generally freezes well right? then you would just heat it up with the rest of the soup...but it saves time by not precooking it especially since you have to warm up the soup anyway haha!

  2. Sounds yum. Do you dump the ingredients into your freezer bowl raw, then defrost and cook?

  3. The recipe sayss to sautee garlic, onions etc separately. How do I do that if all frozen together?