Friday, August 10, 2012

Thrifty Friday!

I stopped by Wegmans for a few coupon deals:

4 Yoplait with Granola
4 Smoothies
4 Gerber Grabbers
4 Organic Gerber Grabbers
4 Cascanada Farms Cereal
4 Gerber Yogurt Melts
2 Bar Keepers Friend

I also stopped by 8 Tops's and another Wegmans:
16 Mikly Way Bars
4 Marinade
8 Gerber Puffs
40 Pasta
15 Pop Tarts
10 Nutri-Grain Bars
42 Snack Crackers
40 Cereals
2 Gerber Grabbers
14 Kraft Fresh-Take
4 Yoplait with Granola
2 Smoothies
1 International Delights

I did 12 transactions and spent $151.62 I saved $424.65!!

Lots of what I bought was free, and the rest was cheap, all together I bought 224 items which averages out to be $0.67 each!! That's a crazy awesome price!

I wait for this sale each year! I always stock up like crazy for back to school. I feel like I should mention that Pop Tarts are NOT a breakfast food in our house, they are a snack ... don't panic :)

I also went to both office stores for a few on sale school supplies!
30 blue folders (these are for MOPS) a penny each
12 Comp Notebooks .25 cents each
2 bottles of glue free
2 packs of erasers free
4 packs of note cards 1.00 each
2 packs of 4 glue sticks .50 cents each

I spent $9.02 and saved $23.78

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