Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabulous coupon trip -- you can do this too all week!!

I went to Tops today to do the amazing Kraft deal! This deal is valid until Saturday ... print your coupons and RUN! Check out Coupons For Your Family for deal details!

Right now each time you buy 6 Kraft items you get 200 bonus gas points, AND there is a catalina deal for $5.00 back when you buy 6 items AND printable coupons for each item in the deal!!

I have 3 computers so I was to print 6 of each coupon.

12 Kraft Shredded Cheese
12 Kraft Singles
6 Mayo
4 Maxwell House Coffee
2 Crystal Light
6 Capri Sun

I paid $58.49 ($1.39 per item) and earned $1.90 in gas points! $1.90 will save me $57.00 on 30 gallons ... so basically my trip today minus gas savings was $1.49

And combined with my shopping for the last 6 weeks, after today I have $5.10 in gas points!
That's MORE then a FREE TANK of gas folks!

I also stopped at Aldi and they had fresh chicken tender half price! I grabbed all 6 packs they had, they were $1.50 average price per pack!

This trip was from late Saturday, so these deals are not valid anymore .. but I will share anyway!

38 Cottage Cheese Doubles, all free (.10 in overage on each one $3.80 in total)
26 Zone Bars, all free
2 Yoplait Simplait, all free
11 Kleenex $.47 each (used overage to pay for them)

I paid $1.37 for everything pictured!! (and earned another .70 in gas points!)


  1. Wow. Just Wow. :)
    Mrs Young

  2. so I totally miss coupon class cause somehow all these deals make way more sense when you tell me what to do in person. I don't understand how to get this from the coupon blogs! :-(

    1. Sorry Jen ... call me and I will walk you through it!

      I think I am going to start coupon class again after school starts ... so in like 2 weeks!