Friday, August 24, 2012

Thrifty Friday!

Another great day for garage sales!

I spent $32.50 on everything pictures.

It was more then I typically spend on so little .. the Milk Glass threw me over! I went to this one sale because they listed Milk Glass .. I love it .. I want to collect it .. now I have 10 pieces of it. Typically I only pay a buck or 2 for it, but this lady had her Grandson "googling" her items .. he knew what to price things at ... so I paid 4 bucks each for 3 pieces of milk glass. Still a good deal, just not as good as a buck a piece from people who don't know its real value :)

I was excited to find shoes for my girls .. fabulous tennis shoes for 5 bucks a pair! Another pair of tennis shoes slightly more beat up but still with lots of life for just a buck!

3 summer outfits for M5, shes growing faster then I thought she would, all my 6-9 month clothing is to warm for this weather!

Scored a few odds and ends, picture frames, a helmet for A4 and a new piggy bank for B3.

2 pairs of shorts ... a friend of mine mentioned she wanted plaid shorts for her son in size 7 .. well for .50 cents a pair I snagged them for her!

I am hoping to strip all the paint off that iced tea jar .. I have a plan for it!

The bracelets and plastic cups were free from the lady who I bought the baby cloths from, my daughter is sleeping the bracelets right now :)

And my favorite item of the day.. the 3 drawer chest! 2 whole bucks!

Do you yard sale? How did you make out this week??

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