Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrifty Friday!

Today was yard sale day!!

Before I get to my goodies .. I wanted to talk about yard sales.

I am no expert, in fact this time last year I was going to yard sales with a friend ... to scared to go alone! Whispering to my friend what price I wanted to pay so she could haggle for me! I have come a long way in my frugal ways!

I yard sale on Friday. Weekends are for family time, and not everyone in my family (read: husband) enjoys yard sales. I use Craigs List to find my sales and I use this site to plan my driving route.

Because I yard sale on Friday's .. I take all 5 kids. Yep. But I am about to let you in on a HUGE secret of mine! First off, lets talk about M5, my youngest. Shes only 5 months old and nursing! I knew I needed mornings free for things like grocery shopping and yard sales so from early on in her life I sort of guided her to eating a big breakfast and taking a loooong morning nap :) Shes pretty good about sleeping from 9 until noon which gives me lots of time for running around.

The other 4? Here is my secret ... DVD players and snacks. Really. I dont actually take my kids out of the car while I yard sale! Dont judge. I pack a few movies, the portable DVD player and sippys and snacks and off we go! I park right in front of the houses .. its not like I cant see the kids.. if its cold or warm I leave the heat/AC running. M1, my oldest, well shes 12 and sits in the front seat with the doors locked while I am out. And its a yard sale people, not Walmart .. I am gone maybe 10 mins each stop! That's my secret .. leave'em in the car! This is also awesome when it comes to finding things for Christmas or Birthdays!

Lets get to today's deals!

I spent 18 bucks total! I saved at least $200 bucks! Some of these things will be put away for gifts, Christmas and Birthdays and such. The ugly frame, circle mirrors, clock and necklaces will soon be craft projects .. so stay tuned!

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  1. Having your kiddos in the car while youre that close by doesnt seem any different than being home and just having them be in a different room! Super smart!