Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrift Store Shoes - yes or no? And how to clean'm up!

Wednesdays are half price day at our local Salvation Army.  Wednesdays are also my "run around out of the house day" so I try and swing by.  I did not have a lot of time today when I stopped so I just peeked at shoes and house wares.  

I scored this cute mirror for 6 bucks.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day and now I want it in my master bedroom! (Starting that make over soon!!)

I found a pair is darn near new New Balance tennis shoes that will fit my oldest in the fall for school!  I am sure these shoes were at least $40 bucks  new .. maybe even $60.  They were 50% off which made them just $2.50! 

My daughter was with me and spotted those pink slippers ... for .99 they came home with us!  They still had the tags on them for $19.99

I spotted these super cute "Converse" look a likes from Air Walk, again 50% off which made then $1.50.  They were dirty but hardly worn.  They fit one of my daughters just right so I decided to see if I could brighten the white a little.  I used some BarKeeprsFriend (The same stuff that whitens my kitchen sink!) and spent about 5 seconds rubbing some on the toe of the shoes.  Check it out! I went with BarKeepersFriend because I knew it would whiten .. and unlike bleach would not hurt the black part of the shoes.  

I was so surprised in fact at how white they got .. I ran to snag another pair or shoes to clean!  These were my 3rd daughters white sandles .. and now they are waiting to become my 4th daughters .. but little A did a number on them and they were looking pretty grimy.  The shoe on the right, duh, is the clean one!   Took about 30 seconds worth of scrubbing .. easy peasy!  These are Stride Rite shoes and still in great shape since little A only wore them for Church 1 summer.. I am glad the baby can wear them next! 

Have you ever seen one of those "never buy this at a garage sale" lists ... well on a recent list of 21 items I routinely buy 11 of the items!   There are no-brainers .. like mattresses!  OMG .. no. But cookware?  I buy it! Kids toys?  I buy it! Kids shoes?  I buy it .. sometimes!

There is some evidence to not buy used kids shoes .. like a well worn shoe "forms" to the foot of the wearer - so putting it on my child's foot causes walking problems because their foot is formed differently.  I dont buy "worn" shoes .. as in shoes that are so worn its very evident.  Soles are worn down, shoes are torn or ripped, they smell, the insides have a "foot" mark from the last wearer, all of those I pass up.  Quite often I find NEW or worn just a few time pairs of shoes in thrift stores and garage sales .. those I buy.  A quick wash and they are good as new!

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  1. Wow, they look great! I have to get me some of that stuff. I have some converse sneakers that need a little face lift. Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. We hope to see you at this weeks party starting at 8:00PM tonight.
    Debi and Charly