Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm back!! All new Thrifty Friday!

I know .. its been a while .. 5 kids keep me busy!  I have lots of summer projects lined up (now that its warm enough to spray paint!) And its garage sale season again!!

I was pretty happy with my score yesterday!

UNO Madness, I paid $3 bucks, it retails for $15.99
Brown Mary Jane shoes, brand new.  I paid $2 bucks, retails for $14.99
Glass cake plate, I paid $2 bucks
5 peg wooden towel rack, I paid $2 bucks
2 ugly brass lamps, I paid $5.00 for the set - These are awesome, you can set them to turn on when the room darkens, perfect for my living room!  When the sun goes down, the lights come on!! I plan on spraying them some awesome color and picking up new shades.
The 3 cute shabby chic cake stands were my spurge!  They are soooo cute!!  Right now they are cream and "chippy" which is cute, but sort of does not fit my style .. I am thinking of spraying them a nice glossy white!  I paid $12 bucks for the set of 3 .. Happy Mothers Day to ME!! 
The toy shelf in the back .. awesome score!  I almost bought the same one last weekend for 25 bucks .. but I noticed some damage on the bottom and passed it up.  I saw this one today .. jumped out of the car and ran!  It was .. really for this .. $10 bucks!  SCORE!  It will go perfectly in my son's room! It retails for $60!
In the toy  box was some kids water color paints and a bag of legos the women said were free since I took the toy shelf.  The bag of legos .. turns out to be a Mega Blocks Halo Set that sells for $40 bucks! 

Over all I spent $36 bucks .. but the retails value was at least $150 bucks! 

Great start to the yard sale season!! 

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