Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Help me pick a neutral fabric!

As you know I am refinishing my first ever piece of furniture (although it may very well be my last!)

I am torn on what to do with this table once its done.  My plan was to refinish it and sell it on Craigs List "flip it" if you will.  But it has been so much work .. and its so stinking cute I want to keep it!  I don't really have the space for it though.  Our house is tiny, and there are 7 of us.  I would love to put it in the basement and use it as a craft table until the day we move and it can live in my eat in kitchen. 

But, since I am working to de-clutter my house I know I should sell it. 

So, that brings me to which fabric I should use on the seats!  I want something "in" and "trendy" so it sells fast.  I also want something neutral so it will appeal to more buyers.  And I plan on using outdoor fabric so its wipe-able since it will be eaten on. 

The top will be dark walnut by Minwax.

And the bottom legs and chairs and benches will be glossy white. 

Here are the choices I am in love with .. help me pick!

Because of the white and dark wood stain I think something in blue would be good .. navy/teal/royal.  Grey is really in right now.  But I love that green one!!

Any thoughts??  Comment and vote 1-9