Friday, May 17, 2013

Thrifty Friday

Another fabulous day to yard sale!  This week I went with a sweet friend of mine (and her non english speaking mother in law .. so there was lots of smiling and nodding) 

Check out my goodies!

* 5 stainless steal waterbottles! .50 cents each, retail for $5.00 each on Amazon
* 2 cute mini picture frames, .50 each, watch for these in an upcoming craft project for MOPS! 
* 4 brooches, I will turn these into hair clips for my girls, .50 each
* Purple Robeez I paid just $1.00, retail for at least $25
* Dolly and Me dress size 3T $2.00, tags still attached say $24.99 
* Gap Baby purple blazer, super cute!! .50 cents, retails for around $30.00
* 4 Carters 2T shirts, paid .50 cents each, retails for around $5.00 each on sale
* 2 Carters zip up footie jammies, paid .50 each, retails for around $8.50 each on sale
* 2 packs of 12x12 white craft paper for the kids $1.50 total
* Large 2.5 foot circle lazy susan not pictured .. watch for a make over on it soon! $10.00

And these ... vintage Lincoln Logs!  In their original boxes!!
I started to count them, there are at least 600 wooden pieces!

I paid just $5.00 !!  Really.. an awesome deal! I am putting them away for my son for Christmas! 
One can says it retails for $1.00 the other two said $1.50 (I am guessing they are circa 1970's ish) but today I would guess them to be worth at least $100 bucks!  Even these brand new sets only have 80-150 pieces in them for $30 - $100 bucks. 

I spent $30 even but I would guess the retail value to be around $250 bucks!  

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