Thursday, May 9, 2013

When you don't have a leg to stand on

Try The Salvation Army. 

I so very much want a farmhouse table! I have pinned some that honestly make me drool!

I see plans all over blogerland on how to build one .. but they all use 4x4's for the legs.  I was really hoping for some nice curvy legs.  I looked around on line and found several places you can buy them like Rockler but almost 35 bucks EACH was a total deal breaker! I know $140 (plus shipping!) for legs is not bad, the wood for the top is going to cost me around $60 so I would still have my great table for around $250 after paint and stain.  Even so I could not bring myself to order legs...

I have keep my eyes open at my local thrift stores .. and today on a whim I stopped in and spotted this!

The guys at the store were kind enough to put it in my van, and since its heavy I felt that asking them to stop and pose for a blog picture was completely understandable unnecessary. The table was wobbly, the top was pretty beat up and it has a hidden leaf that should open up when the table is pulled apart.  Since I just wanted the legs all of that was ok! 

And since it was super heavy I could not get it out of my minivan!  So I took it apart in the van!! 

The legs were each only attached with these 2 bolts.  The table wobbled because the bolts were loose so I actually did not even need tools!  After I had my 4 legs I backed the van down my driveway and drug the top out and dropped it on the curb for garbage day!  Work smarter, not harder. 

They are perfect.  Just what I wanted!  I plan on painting them glossy white and staining the table top a rich deep walnut with lots and lots of satin finish polyurethane.  I cant wait until its nice enough outside to sand and paint and leave a project to sit without the fear of rain.  Welcome to Buffalo. 

Oh .. and the price???  Just $50 bucks.  For just slightly more then the cost of 1 leg online I scored all 4.  $12.50 a leg.  At that price I did not feel bad about throwing away the top either! 

And of course I will post when the table is done!  

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