Friday, May 10, 2013

Thrift Friday

Its raining today .. not some sweet drizzle that washes the pollen off our cars rain ... I'm talking rain like the kiss scene from The Notebook.

(For the record .. there was no kissing while yard sale'n today ... but it would have made my deals sweeter!)

I find great deals in the rain for 2 reasons ... less shoppers .. and sellers ready to bargain because they know there are less shoppers!  Today was also the date for a block sale that I look for each year (Thanks Kristy for the reminder call last night!!) .. so rain or shine I was heading out! 

Check out my deals!

The 4 tank tops on the left are all from target .. new with tags!  I paid $1.00 each, retail $8.99

The pink plaid shorts (that match one of the tank tops!) are Land's End!  And they are nice and long!  I HATE tiny short shorts on my daughters.  I paid $1.00, retail $29.00, in fact these same shorts are still for sale on their website!
I picked up a bunch of shoes today!
The sandles in the front are Circo, brand new! I paid $1.00, retail $14.99
I picked up 2 pairs of flip flops for just a quarter each!
The boots in the back and the black shoes in front of them were each $.25 cents, at Payless they would be at least $19.99 each.  They are in great shape worn just a few times!
The brown slip-ons in the front are brand new too, I paid $1.00 for those!  They are also Circo, retail at least $14.99
Black shiny "church shoes" again .. never walked in brand new! Wanna guess the price? Just a buck! $14.99  at least on those too. 
The girls suit set on the right is Gymboree and so stinking cute!  Its a jacket and skirt set which I bet would at least have been $40 bucks ... I paid $5.00!!
I always buy "winter" dresses .. its cold here a lot and long sleeve warm dresses are hard to come by!  The brown one with pink and purple skirt is Gap Kids and in amazing condition!  I check their website and could not find a girls dress for less then $35 bucks, I paid $3
There are some purple jammies in the front, pants and a long sleeve shirt with matching tutu!  They are brand new with the tags on them! I paid $2.00, retail at Kohl's for $14
In the back is a puzzle book with lots of trucks, all the pieces were there so I snagged it for $3.00. 

In total I spent $22.50.  I would guess the retail value to be around $250 bucks! 

Want to know something amazing about my deals today??  More then half of what I bought is not even for me! I have several girlfriends who yard sale, sometimes we go together and sometimes we don't.  Because we end up at different sales we always say "hey, could you keep your eyes peeled for a such and such?"  I knew my girlfriend was looking for shoes size 13 for her daughter, the 3 pairs in the front row are all size 1 so I picked them up for her!  The 2 dresses are for her also!! 

I am having a yard sale tomorrow and plan on writing a post about how to have your own!  I had a request to write up a post on how I pick which sales to go and how I haggle .. so watch for that one coming soon too!

Did  you garage sale this weekend??  What did ya find?!?! 

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