Friday, May 31, 2013

Thrifty Friday

Today was an EPIC yard sale day ... I left my house at 8 am and returned home at 3:30 having spent $87 dollars .. more then I have ever spent on one day before!

There was a town wide sale!  And several block sales!  And it was my lucky day to hit sales with items I needed!

I picked up 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 15 shirts, 4 pair of shoes and 2 bathing suits for my oldest daughters.  I paid $18.00 for all of it! That's just $.75 cents each! It will all be put away for the fall!

I also found 9 pairs of jeans that will fit my oldest in 2 years, they are all from Macy's and I paid just $5.00 for all 9 pairs or $.61 cents each .. to good to pass up!! 

I found a coffee pot for MOPS, 5 bucks.

Another 4 frames for my mirror and frame wall $2.00 total.

The pink Crocs were .50 cents and fit my daughter now.

The black sandles are to big for her but super cute and in great shape!  They are American Eagle and I paid $.75 cents! 

I scored a bag of plastic heart bracelets which my 3 year old daughter paid for her self, just .25 cents!

Oh, that big dinosaur made my only son happy!  Another .25 cents well spent!

The set of Batman board books were .50 cents for all 4.  These will be stocking stuffers this year as we will be learning to read by then. 

The box on the right .. its a huge Erector set!  My husband and son are going to have hours and hours of fun with it!  I spent $5.00 on it, well under retail .. and it was bought at a yard sale raising money for cancer research .. win win!

My next score is my favorite!  June and I passed this yard and stopped to look .. she wanted this entertainment center but had no room for it .. the seller was ready to deal and when he said $50 bucks I said YES!    I was super excited to bring it home and fill it with kids toys in the basement ... After my husband came to pick it up, packed it up, started to drive away, almost lost it, unloaded it, reloaded it, drove home, drug it inside the house (after lining it up for me to snap this picture, such a good man!) and having the middle not fit through the door, and taking 4 doors off the hinges, and then taking it apart and putting it back together in our basement ... 5 hours later its all set up and looking gorgeous! 

And as I mentioned .. it was a whomping 50 bucks.  A STEAL! 

I spent $87.50 !!  But the entertainment center alone was at least $400 bucks new .. 
so I am pretty stinking happy!!  

Did you shop today?? What did you find?!?!

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