Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I support my habit

My thrifty habit that is!

First things first - I don't pay full price for things in the first place!  Just a few times a year I buy any of my 5 children something brand new, a good example would be a new outfit for a special occasion, to add something missing from their wardrobe that is super important or new gym shoes.  Other than that all 5 kids are *very nicely* dressed in hand me downs, thrift store finds and yard sale goodies!  I know all 3 of these ways of gathering clothing carry a stigma .. crapy, ugly, used, raggy, stained, outdated .. but if you shop the right places, and shop often .. you can find some pretty amazing stuff!

Check out this Old Navy 100% Wool pea-coat for my son.  Wanna guess how much I spent??  


Yep!  I found it at a local consignment shop during their winter $1.00 sale that makes room for summer stock.  Its a size 7, he wont wear it for another year .. but it was to awesome to pass up! For my son I also scored these brand new black Skechers for 2 bucks at a yard sale! 

How about this Gymboree outfit for one of my daughters??  Cute tee shirt, matching shorts even the matching (never worn!!) shoes??  I would guess this outfit is over $40 bucks in the mall. Any guesses??

$2 bucks!

I paid .50 cents for the top and another .50 for the bottoms and $1 for the shoes!  I found this 2 years ago and kept it put away for this summer!  The lady was selling the whole Gymboree line in my daughters size, I bought it all .. so the shoes will get good use!  

What about my older daughters, remember they are 10 and 12 .. they have to look cool, in style, wearing name brands .. what could I find for them??

Check out this super cute summer dress from Roxy!  Neon, very in right now!  It still had the tags on it!! 

Want to venture a guess??


I found this a few weeks ago at Goodwill on half price tag day! 

One more??  This outfit is one of my daughters favs! The purple skinny jeans are Bullhead and they came in a bag of hand me downs!  The tank top was a thrift store find as well, its from Target, half price day again made it just .50! 

So .. here are just a few examples of my "trendy, cute, great shape, even new" yard sale, thrift store, hand me down finds!

I will say I weeded through lots of "crapy, ugly, used, raggy, stained, outdated" stuff to find these goodies .. but its well worth it!

Last summer I found a women with a WHOLE plastic tub of boys clothing in the size I needed for my son!  I   was digging and loving everything I found!  She wanted .50 each an item .. I eyeballed the box and offered her a 20 spot for the whole box and she said yes!  SCORE!  When I came home and added it up it came out to about .20 cents per piece!   Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Target, Jumping Beans, great name brands! Summer, winter, spring, fall and pj's!  Well my son wore those clothes for the last year and just outgrew the last of the winter stuff.  I pulled the last of it out of his closet and sorted it all.  I chucked anything stained or that I would not put on him! The rest I washed, folded and snapped a picture of.  I love these new Facebook "yard sale" pages!  You just post pictures and prices and someone buys your stuff!  Just like a garage sale without a lot of the work!  I always make arrangements to meet at the mall near my house so its safe.  I find these online yard sales to be better then Craigs List or Ebay.

I just put up all of my sons 4T winter clothing - it ended up being 11 sweaters, 6 long sleeve button down shirts, 7 long sleeved tee shirts, 8 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of winter pj's!  That's 37 pieces of clothing.

I like nice even numbers so I marked it as $35 bucks... within 10 minutes SOLD!

Yep .. bought for $20 bucks, worn for the whole winter and then sold for $35.  $15 bucks more then I paid for it :)  The women who bought the lot was excited to score clothes for just slightly less the a buck a piece, which is a great deal!

Sometimes I spot something at a yard sale that is an awesome deal .. that I know I could resell for more .. and I do that too!! 

The money I made selling my sons clothing goes back into my "yard sale" envelope. We also budget for yard sales, cash goes into that envelope every 2 weeks year round so its ready when summer rolls around! Yes, we follow the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system!  It works .. we are debt free but our mortgage, more on that later.   Maybe I should use the money to buy a nice camera .. cell phone pictures just don't cut it! 

How do you keep your munchkins dressed? Do you find awesome deals?  Do you yard sale?!?!

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