Friday, July 27, 2012

Thrifty Friday!

Yesterday a fellow mom and I went to a $1.00 summer clearance sale at one of our favorite consignment shops, Rumpelstiltskins. I love consignment shops because they are good quality clothes, I don’t have to look over the whole outfit for stains or rips, I love thrift stores because they are cheaper, but I have to spend lots of time checking each item… so clearance sales are a WIN WIN!!

3 pairs of 4t pants

1 pair of 4t capris

4 summer dresses, 4t

1 summer shirt, 4t

1 4t Gymboree rain coat

2 skirts, 18 months (the teal and yellow one is NEW WITH TAGS! Retails at target for 7.99)

2 tank top and capris sets, 18 months

2 dresses 18 months (this blueberry dresses is my favorite thing I bought, I cant wait until Maddie fits it!)

4 tank tops size 10/12 (the purple sparkly one is Wet Seal, NEW WITH TAGS! Retails for 19.99)

3 skirts, size 10/12

2 pairs of size 10 capris

1 pair of Gymboree jeans, size 10

2 rompers size 9 months

1 tee shirt, size 9 months

1 onsie dress, size 9 months

1 pink and brown 2 piece set, 9 months (NEW WITH TAGS! Retails for 14.99 at Babies R Us)

The 3 new items I got alone would retail for $42.97, but I spent $31.43 on ALL OF IT, including tax!

Yep, everything I bought was $1.00. If I had to pay retail for all these clothes, Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy ... I am sure it would have been over $300 bucks!

Yes, I bought things that cant be worn until next summer.. BUT I am not one to pass up Gymboree jeans, which retail for 33 bucks when I can score them for a buck a pair. DUH!

My girlfriend scored awesome deals too! She picked up a diaper bag for a buck .. looked it up online, that silly thing retails for over 120 bucks! WOW!!

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