Saturday, July 21, 2012

No Coupons? No Problem!

Today's shopping trip was one of those rare occasions where I did not use a single coupon! BUT .. I have a rebate!

Tops was running one of their special Meal Deals, buy the meat get x amount of free things. I follow the prices on meat at Tops and I know they RAISE the price for these sales. I think its pretty lame of them.. but I guess I shopped there, so it worked. Had I not had the rebates I would not have done this deal!

Family pack of Chicken 3.99lb! Average price 18 bucks a pack! OUCH, that’s double the everyday price at Wegmans!

Buy the chicken and get:

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

A box of pasta

Pasta Sauce

Baked Beans

Mozzarella Cheese


Garlic Bread

2 Liter of pop

Tub of Ice Cream

So after spending 18 bucks on Chicken, I scored another 20 bucks worth of free things.

Last week at Tops I found a rebate for Magic Hat beer; NY is a no beer purchase required state, so I can do the rebate without buying the beer! The rebate wants you to buy at least 2 of a long list of ingredients for summer cooking, spend at least 9.01 and get 9.00 back. Chicken and cucumbers are both on the list of ingredients! So now my 18 dollar pack of chicken is just 9 bucks, the price at Wegmans, plus the free things! I did that deal 3 times.

Mayo and heavy cream were both on the ingredient list as well. We always need mayo and the heavy cream is for homemade ice cream! (so was the candy!!)

So, I spent $86.49, but I will get back 5 rebates for 9.00 each for a total of $45.00 back, knocking my actual price to just $41.49!

And that’s how you shop without coupons J

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