Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Budget friendly back to school clothes for Middle School

One thing I like to think about when shopping is the "cost per wear" or CPW.  Meaning, if I pay 100 bucks for an outfit that I wear once, well my CPW is 100 bucks.  But if I spend that same 100 bucks on some jeans and a tee that I can wear, say 10 times, my CPW drops to 10.00 bucks!  Lets assume my daughters each wear an outfit 10 times (that's every 2 weeks for 6 months, give or take) I will show you the cost of the outfit and the CPW for it, the lower the cost, the better value on my clothing!

So what did I buy for my $161.98??  Here are 12 of my daughters favorite outfits!  (Her sister is away at camp this week or she would share her favs too!)

Old Navy Boot Cut Jeans $1.50
Old Navy Tee $1.00
CPW .$.25

Same Old Navy Jeans $1.50
Ralph Lauren (!!) sweater $1.00
CPW .$.25

Same Old Navy Jeans $1.50
B Wear layered shirt $.87 cents
CPW .$.23

Same Old Navy Jeans $1.50
H&M Top (!!) $1.00
CPW: $.25

Justice Jeans $1.00
Circo Top $1.00
CPW: $.10

Target tank $.50
Cherokee Skirt $1.00
CPW: $.15

Lands' End dress $1.50
CPW: $.15

GAP Kids shirt $.87
LL Bean skirt $1.00
CPW: $.18

Shes already called dibs on this as her first day of school outfit!
Justice top and jeans $1.50 each
CPW: $.30

Gap Jeans $1.00
Temped Girl shirt $1.00
CPW: $ .20

Circo top and leggings $.50 each
CPW: $ .10

Forever 21 tank $1.00
Circo shorts $1.00
CPW: $.20

The best part .. she picked out each of these outfits!  So I know she will wear them!  

Shes happy, I'm  happy. 

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the costs, effort and details on how you come about saving so much money on back to school wear! This is great and such an eye-opener as well!!! Thanks so much; I've learned a TON!!! Hugs to you. And, by the way, your daughter is beautiful~~!!! :-)