Friday, June 14, 2013

Thrifty Friday

I was excited to garage sale today ... if you remember 2 weeks ago our basement flooded .. and for 2 weeks now my house has been a total disaster!  So to get out and shop today was awesome .. AND .. our new sump pump is being installed today!  And if you dont know .. that means about 3 hours of a jack hammer in your concrete, nice and echo-y, basement.  See ya house!

I only went to 2 "sales" today.  One was a street sale close to my house and one was a fund raiser at a local Church.

I scored a NEW, never used bread maker for my friend!  Its an Oyster, older but never used.  I would guess it was close to $40 bucks new ... I paid just $10 bucks!  (Hey Jen.. how do you like it?!?!)

My son picked up that guitar .. for 2 bucks from his "spend" jar.

Oh, my 3 year old models for Fisher Price (she goes in, plays with a toy, they take pictures, she ends up on the box!)  Recently she modeled some snap on roller blades.  She was a natural at skating!  And wanted to keep them .. but they are not on the market yet!  I found this pink pair for 2 bucks! 

My son loves to buy his own things now.  Today he picked up a box of legos and offered the lady .25 cents, she happily said yes!  He did the same for an iron man puzzle that was still sealed in plastic.

One of my favorite scores today were 2 Melissa and Doug magnet puzzles.  I love these!  We have several of them. One is a Bride and Groom and one is a King and Queen!  These are $30 each on Amazon!  I paid just 2 buck each!

The sale also had clothing and shoes, fill a bag for 2 bucks!  HOLY HOT DEAL!

I packed 2 bags!  One of was full of clothing for my younger girls and a pair of shoes .. the other bag was for  my older girls, I will show you that soon (watch for details on back to school shopping on a budget!) 

Not pictured are a new bike for my son and a super cute HUGE art easel!  Both are getting a make over!

I spent $42 bucks.  $10 I will get back when I deliver the bread maker :) 

The yard sale at the Church was to raise money for a group called "Let Them LOL" and they are raising money to dig wells in Africa to provide fresh water.  What could be better then fresh water??  My total at their sale was just 10 bucks .. but I paid $20.  Think of all the sources of fresh water you have in your house, we have 5 (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, toilet (cleaner then people in Africa!) our hose) There are thousands around the world who walk MILES and carry 40+ pounds of water miles back .. daily!  

Did you score any deals today?? 


  1. I love how you just casually mention your 3 year old models for Fisher Price! How can I get in on that??!!

    1. Haha .. I live in Western NY and Fisher Price has their headquarters here. All of the kids featured on the toy boxes live here! You just have to go to the school district and get a work permit and email in a picture and they call when they need your child's age group!

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