Friday, May 31, 2013

Thrifty Friday

Today was an EPIC yard sale day ... I left my house at 8 am and returned home at 3:30 having spent $87 dollars .. more then I have ever spent on one day before!

There was a town wide sale!  And several block sales!  And it was my lucky day to hit sales with items I needed!

I picked up 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 15 shirts, 4 pair of shoes and 2 bathing suits for my oldest daughters.  I paid $18.00 for all of it! That's just $.75 cents each! It will all be put away for the fall!

I also found 9 pairs of jeans that will fit my oldest in 2 years, they are all from Macy's and I paid just $5.00 for all 9 pairs or $.61 cents each .. to good to pass up!! 

I found a coffee pot for MOPS, 5 bucks.

Another 4 frames for my mirror and frame wall $2.00 total.

The pink Crocs were .50 cents and fit my daughter now.

The black sandles are to big for her but super cute and in great shape!  They are American Eagle and I paid $.75 cents! 

I scored a bag of plastic heart bracelets which my 3 year old daughter paid for her self, just .25 cents!

Oh, that big dinosaur made my only son happy!  Another .25 cents well spent!

The set of Batman board books were .50 cents for all 4.  These will be stocking stuffers this year as we will be learning to read by then. 

The box on the right .. its a huge Erector set!  My husband and son are going to have hours and hours of fun with it!  I spent $5.00 on it, well under retail .. and it was bought at a yard sale raising money for cancer research .. win win!

My next score is my favorite!  June and I passed this yard and stopped to look .. she wanted this entertainment center but had no room for it .. the seller was ready to deal and when he said $50 bucks I said YES!    I was super excited to bring it home and fill it with kids toys in the basement ... After my husband came to pick it up, packed it up, started to drive away, almost lost it, unloaded it, reloaded it, drove home, drug it inside the house (after lining it up for me to snap this picture, such a good man!) and having the middle not fit through the door, and taking 4 doors off the hinges, and then taking it apart and putting it back together in our basement ... 5 hours later its all set up and looking gorgeous! 

And as I mentioned .. it was a whomping 50 bucks.  A STEAL! 

I spent $87.50 !!  But the entertainment center alone was at least $400 bucks new .. 
so I am pretty stinking happy!!  

Did you shop today?? What did you find?!?!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrift Store Shoes - yes or no? And how to clean'm up!

Wednesdays are half price day at our local Salvation Army.  Wednesdays are also my "run around out of the house day" so I try and swing by.  I did not have a lot of time today when I stopped so I just peeked at shoes and house wares.  

I scored this cute mirror for 6 bucks.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day and now I want it in my master bedroom! (Starting that make over soon!!)

I found a pair is darn near new New Balance tennis shoes that will fit my oldest in the fall for school!  I am sure these shoes were at least $40 bucks  new .. maybe even $60.  They were 50% off which made them just $2.50! 

My daughter was with me and spotted those pink slippers ... for .99 they came home with us!  They still had the tags on them for $19.99

I spotted these super cute "Converse" look a likes from Air Walk, again 50% off which made then $1.50.  They were dirty but hardly worn.  They fit one of my daughters just right so I decided to see if I could brighten the white a little.  I used some BarKeeprsFriend (The same stuff that whitens my kitchen sink!) and spent about 5 seconds rubbing some on the toe of the shoes.  Check it out! I went with BarKeepersFriend because I knew it would whiten .. and unlike bleach would not hurt the black part of the shoes.  

I was so surprised in fact at how white they got .. I ran to snag another pair or shoes to clean!  These were my 3rd daughters white sandles .. and now they are waiting to become my 4th daughters .. but little A did a number on them and they were looking pretty grimy.  The shoe on the right, duh, is the clean one!   Took about 30 seconds worth of scrubbing .. easy peasy!  These are Stride Rite shoes and still in great shape since little A only wore them for Church 1 summer.. I am glad the baby can wear them next! 

Have you ever seen one of those "never buy this at a garage sale" lists ... well on a recent list of 21 items I routinely buy 11 of the items!   There are no-brainers .. like mattresses!  OMG .. no. But cookware?  I buy it! Kids toys?  I buy it! Kids shoes?  I buy it .. sometimes!

There is some evidence to not buy used kids shoes .. like a well worn shoe "forms" to the foot of the wearer - so putting it on my child's foot causes walking problems because their foot is formed differently.  I dont buy "worn" shoes .. as in shoes that are so worn its very evident.  Soles are worn down, shoes are torn or ripped, they smell, the insides have a "foot" mark from the last wearer, all of those I pass up.  Quite often I find NEW or worn just a few time pairs of shoes in thrift stores and garage sales .. those I buy.  A quick wash and they are good as new!

These are the parties I link to each week!  Check them out. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Stained something other then my Labor Day white tee-shirt

Back to this table..

When we last left off it looked like this.

I will admit having all that bare wood showing made me smile .. it took a lot of work to get it to this point!

I knew I wanted to stain it a nice dark color, something like Dark Walnut from Minwax to help off set the bright white of the legs and benches. 

I picked up this tiny can, the larger can of that color was sold out, for 4 bucks at Lowe's.  I already had hundreds of these foam brushes on hand and the cloth is an old burp rag. 

I read lots of online help about staining and I read the can .. seamed pretty straight forward.  Paint on, wait, wipe off. 

I started with just one corner . if I hated it or did something wrong I wanted to have to sand the lease amount of table!   The instructions said to let it sit 15 minutes .. but not so long it dried.  Well after 3 minutes it was drying!!  So I was only able to work in small sections like this, paint on, blink a few times, rub off!

The trick I learned was to watch the seams .. don't stain over something already stained because the overlap will end up darker.  I think if you look at the table as a whole you can see my seams .. but its not that noticeable  maybe I am the only one who can even see it because I know where it is. 

And here she is all stained! 

The drying time says 8 hours.

I left the table inside until the following morning and then it sat in the hot sun for another 3 hours so I was pretty sure it was dry!

This is Poly, shes about to become my new best friend.  She promises to protest, keep shiny, make it easy to clean and look gorgeous for years to come!  I also splurged for a set of Purdy Brushes.  I am using a satin finish poly because .. well because I wanted to. 

The instructions on the poly are pretty clear, paint on, wait 2 hours, lightly sand, do it again, and again, and again, and again .. between 3 and 5 times. I planned on 5 coats, one per child ... seamed like a good plan. 

Each coat took just 10 minutes to apply.  Minus the wait time this step took maybe an hour. 

And here she is!

Up next??  Paint and fabric!! I will say I am growing more and more in love with this table as I go! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thrifty Friday

Another fabulous day to yard sale!  This week I went with a sweet friend of mine (and her non english speaking mother in law .. so there was lots of smiling and nodding) 

Check out my goodies!

* 5 stainless steal waterbottles! .50 cents each, retail for $5.00 each on Amazon
* 2 cute mini picture frames, .50 each, watch for these in an upcoming craft project for MOPS! 
* 4 brooches, I will turn these into hair clips for my girls, .50 each
* Purple Robeez I paid just $1.00, retail for at least $25
* Dolly and Me dress size 3T $2.00, tags still attached say $24.99 
* Gap Baby purple blazer, super cute!! .50 cents, retails for around $30.00
* 4 Carters 2T shirts, paid .50 cents each, retails for around $5.00 each on sale
* 2 Carters zip up footie jammies, paid .50 each, retails for around $8.50 each on sale
* 2 packs of 12x12 white craft paper for the kids $1.50 total
* Large 2.5 foot circle lazy susan not pictured .. watch for a make over on it soon! $10.00

And these ... vintage Lincoln Logs!  In their original boxes!!
I started to count them, there are at least 600 wooden pieces!

I paid just $5.00 !!  Really.. an awesome deal! I am putting them away for my son for Christmas! 
One can says it retails for $1.00 the other two said $1.50 (I am guessing they are circa 1970's ish) but today I would guess them to be worth at least $100 bucks!  Even these brand new sets only have 80-150 pieces in them for $30 - $100 bucks. 

I spent $30 even but I would guess the retail value to be around $250 bucks!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Help me pick a neutral fabric!

As you know I am refinishing my first ever piece of furniture (although it may very well be my last!)

I am torn on what to do with this table once its done.  My plan was to refinish it and sell it on Craigs List "flip it" if you will.  But it has been so much work .. and its so stinking cute I want to keep it!  I don't really have the space for it though.  Our house is tiny, and there are 7 of us.  I would love to put it in the basement and use it as a craft table until the day we move and it can live in my eat in kitchen. 

But, since I am working to de-clutter my house I know I should sell it. 

So, that brings me to which fabric I should use on the seats!  I want something "in" and "trendy" so it sells fast.  I also want something neutral so it will appeal to more buyers.  And I plan on using outdoor fabric so its wipe-able since it will be eaten on. 

The top will be dark walnut by Minwax.

And the bottom legs and chairs and benches will be glossy white. 

Here are the choices I am in love with .. help me pick!

Because of the white and dark wood stain I think something in blue would be good .. navy/teal/royal.  Grey is really in right now.  But I love that green one!!

Any thoughts??  Comment and vote 1-9

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sanding, Stripping and Staining ... Oh My!

Last week while out visiting garage sales a friend of mine spotted this table.  She sent me a text and a picture and asked if I wanted it .. I screamed YES! 

The table top is almost 36x48 with 2 benches and 2 chairs not to mention super cute and full of potential! 

As it turns out its to small for my dining room .. but I love a good project so I planned on staining the top, painting the rest and recovering the benches and chairs. 

My first step was to pull the old fabric off ... you see this table belonged to Smokey the Grandma who kept it in her basement.  After throwing away what ended up being 4 layers of fabric and enough staples to match our nations debt, I was ready to sand, paint and stain!  Too bad it started snowing, in May.

So I stacked it all up and waited for nicer weather. 

Warmer weather came in the form of a 50 degree day, rather then 37 degrees.  I lugged my table top outside and grabbed my husbands sander and went to work!

I figured a quick 15 minutes with this thing and my table would be topless and ready for stain!  Easy-peasy. 

30 minutes later this was as far as I had gotten.

Maybe I should just paint the table white??

There were also 2 coffee rings on the table ... lets sand those off next .. maybe seeing the rings disappear will bring me the instant gratification I need to keep sanding the rest!

Another 20 minutes later ... 

That was enough to call it quits for the night!

Maybe I can Pin something that will help!  After an hour on Pinterest and countless "refinish a table in one hour with NO sanding" pins I was ready to paint the stupid thing white and walk away!

Actually Pinterest did help, it was there I discovered my problem.  220.  I was trying to sand off layers of poly and stain with 220 grit sand paper.  That's like trying to dry concrete with my hair dryer, sure its blowing .. but its not doing a dang thing! 

A quick hop over to Valu and I came home with this .. my new best friend!

60 grit "paint stripping" sand paper!  Surely this would work!

Another 45 minutes later it was clear, Surely should not be giving DIY advice. 

It was then I decided I would stop crying over sawdust and do the only right thing in this situation.  Hire a stripper. 

I quickly sprayed the whole can on my table top and set a timer for 15 minutes to allow her to work her magic.

The left side had been scraped, the right side not .. Although it does not look different I felt something had worked since the once clear stripper was now a nasty brownish orangish color as it piled up on my scraper. 

I finished scrapping the whole table top and wiped off the extra and allowed the table to dry .. maybe now it will be easier to sand??

I picked up the sander and started back at it.  Easier??  No.

This is after another hour ... Still not done.  If I thought I could do it without breaking my toes .. I would drop kick this table to the other side of my yard!  What am I doing wrong?!?!?!  I guess I should just suck it up and keep sanding ... but there really has to be an easier way!  I must have missed a step somewhere!! 

Finished ...  Lets not ever talk about this experience again! 

Up next ... stain, paint, new fabric.  Then I have to decide if I am going to keep it or sell it! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yard sale tips and tricks!

I talk a lot about garage sales and scoring great deals and some of you asked for more details!

I find my sales through Craigs List .  I don't get the weekly newspaper and I find their online version hard to use.  

When you log into Craigs List you pick your city and right in the middle is a section listed as "for sale" and within that list you will find "Garage Sale"

I log in Thursday night to gather my addresses.  I typically only scan the first 2 or 3 pages.  

First thing I look at is where the sale is!  No point in reading whats being sold and getting excited for a sale that is an hour away!! CL is great in that each listing has a simple title and in these things ---> (    )  the city is listed. 

When I spot one near enough to me I click on it.  Hopefully they have some sort of a list of whats for sale .. if not I tend to skip them.  I am not looking for sales with antiques, records, tools, clothing for small dogs (no joke) or car parts.  I am looking for sales that say things like "toys, children's clothing size xx to xx, household" those sort of things.   

I also look for block sales, neighborhood sales, street sales, multi family sales, larger sales with more stuff!  Gas is expensive .. today it was $3.79.  If I can find a larger sale with more stuff its worth the gas money to get there and back because I stand more of a chance of finding something I need. 

Oh, another big tip - WATCH THE SALE DATES!! People post their sales on CL weeks in advance so even though you see the ad today the sale might be next month.  I also only yard sale on Fridays so make sure the sale starts Friday rather then Saturday (and lots and lots do)

Once I have my list all set I have 1 more super great tip that helps me save even more money .. its this website.  Find The Best  You enter all the addresses you want to go to, up to 25, enter your address as the start and finish location and click go.  Within seconds you have turn by turn directions to each one of your sales following either "fastest time" or "shortest distance"  As I said before, gas is expensive!  Driving in circles wastes time and money!  I love this website because it keeps me from wasting gas. 

I often see signs for sales while I am out .. rarely will I stop.  Signs are often weeks old and the sale is long over.  Without knowing whats for sale I risk ending up at a sale with nothing for me wasting time and gas.  If the sale is right there and I can see it out my window I "slow down" and window shop if something catches my eye but this only applies to sales I drive past (not a sign for a sale that I would have to turn to get to) 

Friday morning I head out with my map, snacks for the kids, cash and a smile!

I have a few tips to help save a few bucks when shopping .. I would think most of these tips would be common sense but in this day and age it turns out they are not. 

- Be NICE.  You are walking into someone else's space! Smile as you walk up their driveway. I always spot the seller fast (typically the women standing there with a fanny pack or apron!) and say Good Morning! Being nice right off the bat will most likely cause her to be nice back .. more open to haggle. 

- Leave the sale as you found it.  If they have clothing for sale don't riffle through checking sizes and leave it all unfolded in a heap. If  you pick something up and decide you don't want it, put it back where you found it.  

- Be respectful of the homeowners house.  Just today  saw someone cut through a yard to get to the sale next door and trampled their bulbs, I am hoping he just did not see them.  Watch their flower beds, try not to  walk through the yard, don't snoop in the garage where things are not for sale.  I had this happen today .. knocked my socks off .. DON'T SMOKE IN THEIR DRIVEWAY!!! Seriously people. 

So now you have picked a house, smiled and said good morning, picked up a few things you want and its time to check out.

- I listen to the seller and other buyers for a few minutes while I shop before I check out (My sweet friend Kristy taught me this trick) If another buyer tries for a lower price and is told no I know trying for a better deal for me may not work.  If another buyer haggles and wins there is a pretty good chance I can offer less and be told sure also! 

- If something is an amazing deal already, like these brand new shoes for 25 cents and the others for just 1 dollar I wont haggle!  Take the good deal they are offering and be happy, don't be greedy/to cheap. 

- Try "grouping" or "bundling"  things together and offering just slightly lower.  A good example of this would be 2 items both listed at $3.00 bucks, I would offer $5.00 for both.  I find this works pretty good. 

- If someone is selling an item for say $50 .. don't low ball it and offer $20.  Insulting the seller will always result in a NO.  

- Always buy the lemonade!  We were all children once and tried to sell kool-aid on the side of the road, remember how it felt to be passed by??  Whats .50 cents here and there to make a kid smile.  Buy it! 

- If you are able to score a lower price, great!  Make sure you have smaller bills with you!  Asking of they will take $12 rather then $15 and they say yes and you pay with a $20 ... I personally think its rude. To me its like saying "I had the money to pay your price but still offered less" Maybe sellers don't care but I do.  I try and pay with the actual amount needed so they don't know I have a pocket full of cash. 

- Lastly, whether you buy something or not .. say good bye!  I always leave saying "good luck today!" to the seller.  

I know this was a lot of reading ... with no awesome picture .. but I hope it was helpful! 

Thrift Friday

Its raining today .. not some sweet drizzle that washes the pollen off our cars rain ... I'm talking rain like the kiss scene from The Notebook.

(For the record .. there was no kissing while yard sale'n today ... but it would have made my deals sweeter!)

I find great deals in the rain for 2 reasons ... less shoppers .. and sellers ready to bargain because they know there are less shoppers!  Today was also the date for a block sale that I look for each year (Thanks Kristy for the reminder call last night!!) .. so rain or shine I was heading out! 

Check out my deals!

The 4 tank tops on the left are all from target .. new with tags!  I paid $1.00 each, retail $8.99

The pink plaid shorts (that match one of the tank tops!) are Land's End!  And they are nice and long!  I HATE tiny short shorts on my daughters.  I paid $1.00, retail $29.00, in fact these same shorts are still for sale on their website!
I picked up a bunch of shoes today!
The sandles in the front are Circo, brand new! I paid $1.00, retail $14.99
I picked up 2 pairs of flip flops for just a quarter each!
The boots in the back and the black shoes in front of them were each $.25 cents, at Payless they would be at least $19.99 each.  They are in great shape worn just a few times!
The brown slip-ons in the front are brand new too, I paid $1.00 for those!  They are also Circo, retail at least $14.99
Black shiny "church shoes" again .. never walked in brand new! Wanna guess the price? Just a buck! $14.99  at least on those too. 
The girls suit set on the right is Gymboree and so stinking cute!  Its a jacket and skirt set which I bet would at least have been $40 bucks ... I paid $5.00!!
I always buy "winter" dresses .. its cold here a lot and long sleeve warm dresses are hard to come by!  The brown one with pink and purple skirt is Gap Kids and in amazing condition!  I check their website and could not find a girls dress for less then $35 bucks, I paid $3
There are some purple jammies in the front, pants and a long sleeve shirt with matching tutu!  They are brand new with the tags on them! I paid $2.00, retail at Kohl's for $14
In the back is a puzzle book with lots of trucks, all the pieces were there so I snagged it for $3.00. 

In total I spent $22.50.  I would guess the retail value to be around $250 bucks! 

Want to know something amazing about my deals today??  More then half of what I bought is not even for me! I have several girlfriends who yard sale, sometimes we go together and sometimes we don't.  Because we end up at different sales we always say "hey, could you keep your eyes peeled for a such and such?"  I knew my girlfriend was looking for shoes size 13 for her daughter, the 3 pairs in the front row are all size 1 so I picked them up for her!  The 2 dresses are for her also!! 

I am having a yard sale tomorrow and plan on writing a post about how to have your own!  I had a request to write up a post on how I pick which sales to go and how I haggle .. so watch for that one coming soon too!

Did  you garage sale this weekend??  What did ya find?!?! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

When you don't have a leg to stand on

Try The Salvation Army. 

I so very much want a farmhouse table! I have pinned some that honestly make me drool!

I see plans all over blogerland on how to build one .. but they all use 4x4's for the legs.  I was really hoping for some nice curvy legs.  I looked around on line and found several places you can buy them like Rockler but almost 35 bucks EACH was a total deal breaker! I know $140 (plus shipping!) for legs is not bad, the wood for the top is going to cost me around $60 so I would still have my great table for around $250 after paint and stain.  Even so I could not bring myself to order legs...

I have keep my eyes open at my local thrift stores .. and today on a whim I stopped in and spotted this!

The guys at the store were kind enough to put it in my van, and since its heavy I felt that asking them to stop and pose for a blog picture was completely understandable unnecessary. The table was wobbly, the top was pretty beat up and it has a hidden leaf that should open up when the table is pulled apart.  Since I just wanted the legs all of that was ok! 

And since it was super heavy I could not get it out of my minivan!  So I took it apart in the van!! 

The legs were each only attached with these 2 bolts.  The table wobbled because the bolts were loose so I actually did not even need tools!  After I had my 4 legs I backed the van down my driveway and drug the top out and dropped it on the curb for garbage day!  Work smarter, not harder. 

They are perfect.  Just what I wanted!  I plan on painting them glossy white and staining the table top a rich deep walnut with lots and lots of satin finish polyurethane.  I cant wait until its nice enough outside to sand and paint and leave a project to sit without the fear of rain.  Welcome to Buffalo. 

Oh .. and the price???  Just $50 bucks.  For just slightly more then the cost of 1 leg online I scored all 4.  $12.50 a leg.  At that price I did not feel bad about throwing away the top either! 

And of course I will post when the table is done!  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I support my habit

My thrifty habit that is!

First things first - I don't pay full price for things in the first place!  Just a few times a year I buy any of my 5 children something brand new, a good example would be a new outfit for a special occasion, to add something missing from their wardrobe that is super important or new gym shoes.  Other than that all 5 kids are *very nicely* dressed in hand me downs, thrift store finds and yard sale goodies!  I know all 3 of these ways of gathering clothing carry a stigma .. crapy, ugly, used, raggy, stained, outdated .. but if you shop the right places, and shop often .. you can find some pretty amazing stuff!

Check out this Old Navy 100% Wool pea-coat for my son.  Wanna guess how much I spent??  


Yep!  I found it at a local consignment shop during their winter $1.00 sale that makes room for summer stock.  Its a size 7, he wont wear it for another year .. but it was to awesome to pass up! For my son I also scored these brand new black Skechers for 2 bucks at a yard sale! 

How about this Gymboree outfit for one of my daughters??  Cute tee shirt, matching shorts even the matching (never worn!!) shoes??  I would guess this outfit is over $40 bucks in the mall. Any guesses??

$2 bucks!

I paid .50 cents for the top and another .50 for the bottoms and $1 for the shoes!  I found this 2 years ago and kept it put away for this summer!  The lady was selling the whole Gymboree line in my daughters size, I bought it all .. so the shoes will get good use!  

What about my older daughters, remember they are 10 and 12 .. they have to look cool, in style, wearing name brands .. what could I find for them??

Check out this super cute summer dress from Roxy!  Neon, very in right now!  It still had the tags on it!! 

Want to venture a guess??


I found this a few weeks ago at Goodwill on half price tag day! 

One more??  This outfit is one of my daughters favs! The purple skinny jeans are Bullhead and they came in a bag of hand me downs!  The tank top was a thrift store find as well, its from Target, half price day again made it just .50! 

So .. here are just a few examples of my "trendy, cute, great shape, even new" yard sale, thrift store, hand me down finds!

I will say I weeded through lots of "crapy, ugly, used, raggy, stained, outdated" stuff to find these goodies .. but its well worth it!

Last summer I found a women with a WHOLE plastic tub of boys clothing in the size I needed for my son!  I   was digging and loving everything I found!  She wanted .50 each an item .. I eyeballed the box and offered her a 20 spot for the whole box and she said yes!  SCORE!  When I came home and added it up it came out to about .20 cents per piece!   Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Target, Jumping Beans, great name brands! Summer, winter, spring, fall and pj's!  Well my son wore those clothes for the last year and just outgrew the last of the winter stuff.  I pulled the last of it out of his closet and sorted it all.  I chucked anything stained or that I would not put on him! The rest I washed, folded and snapped a picture of.  I love these new Facebook "yard sale" pages!  You just post pictures and prices and someone buys your stuff!  Just like a garage sale without a lot of the work!  I always make arrangements to meet at the mall near my house so its safe.  I find these online yard sales to be better then Craigs List or Ebay.

I just put up all of my sons 4T winter clothing - it ended up being 11 sweaters, 6 long sleeve button down shirts, 7 long sleeved tee shirts, 8 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of winter pj's!  That's 37 pieces of clothing.

I like nice even numbers so I marked it as $35 bucks... within 10 minutes SOLD!

Yep .. bought for $20 bucks, worn for the whole winter and then sold for $35.  $15 bucks more then I paid for it :)  The women who bought the lot was excited to score clothes for just slightly less the a buck a piece, which is a great deal!

Sometimes I spot something at a yard sale that is an awesome deal .. that I know I could resell for more .. and I do that too!! 

The money I made selling my sons clothing goes back into my "yard sale" envelope. We also budget for yard sales, cash goes into that envelope every 2 weeks year round so its ready when summer rolls around! Yes, we follow the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system!  It works .. we are debt free but our mortgage, more on that later.   Maybe I should use the money to buy a nice camera .. cell phone pictures just don't cut it! 

How do you keep your munchkins dressed? Do you find awesome deals?  Do you yard sale?!?!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm back!! All new Thrifty Friday!

I know .. its been a while .. 5 kids keep me busy!  I have lots of summer projects lined up (now that its warm enough to spray paint!) And its garage sale season again!!

I was pretty happy with my score yesterday!

UNO Madness, I paid $3 bucks, it retails for $15.99
Brown Mary Jane shoes, brand new.  I paid $2 bucks, retails for $14.99
Glass cake plate, I paid $2 bucks
5 peg wooden towel rack, I paid $2 bucks
2 ugly brass lamps, I paid $5.00 for the set - These are awesome, you can set them to turn on when the room darkens, perfect for my living room!  When the sun goes down, the lights come on!! I plan on spraying them some awesome color and picking up new shades.
The 3 cute shabby chic cake stands were my spurge!  They are soooo cute!!  Right now they are cream and "chippy" which is cute, but sort of does not fit my style .. I am thinking of spraying them a nice glossy white!  I paid $12 bucks for the set of 3 .. Happy Mothers Day to ME!! 
The toy shelf in the back .. awesome score!  I almost bought the same one last weekend for 25 bucks .. but I noticed some damage on the bottom and passed it up.  I saw this one today .. jumped out of the car and ran!  It was .. really for this .. $10 bucks!  SCORE!  It will go perfectly in my son's room! It retails for $60!
In the toy  box was some kids water color paints and a bag of legos the women said were free since I took the toy shelf.  The bag of legos .. turns out to be a Mega Blocks Halo Set that sells for $40 bucks! 

Over all I spent $36 bucks .. but the retails value was at least $150 bucks! 

Great start to the yard sale season!!